Scrap Metal - 100% Recyclable

You can drop off your whiteware to us instead of taking it to landfill. Those whiteware items like stoves, fridges and freezers you can bring to us and we will recycle them.


Old trampolines, metal sheets, guttering corrugated iron, bring it to us so that we can get it recycled.


If you live in the Waipu area you can drop your scrap waste into our bin at the Waipu Fire Brigade (this helps with their child cancer fundraising)


Our fleet of trucks and our scrap bin service is designed for working with industry to pick up their scrap metal.


Call us to get a bin delivered 0800 336673


We also pick up cars call us first to discuss options it could be free pick if you are in the Bream Bay area


We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and timely service of bin exchange for you


We are open 6 days a week for you to drop off your scrap metal.



it costs less to purchase new steel from recycled steel than it is to create new steel from natural resources.



Less landfill as we compact our steel into 30cm x 40cm bales and they placed in containers for export



FERROUS metals are magnetic includes steel, whiteware stoves, fridges etc


NON FERROUS metals are not magnetic includes lead, copper, batteries stainless and brass


Mixed metals contain both like motors