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Winter Beanie Give Away

Pauline MMG 15

Don’t you think the Northland winter is getting colder, I sure think so. Well actually its been more wet than cold.


Winter is such a drizzly time and no one seems to like doing the big yard, shed clean outs during this time.


While I was out taking my usual drive around One tree point looking at the bustling construction going up around the area, I couldn’t help but notice most of the teams on the construction sites looked very cold. Suddenly it dawned on me, Who likes cleaning up during the frost?

Wagner Project

Pauline MMG 15

Our team took on the big job of recycling the Big wagner, for 18 months this big boy had been sitting just outside our yard and on May the 8th the wagner project started, taking a few hours to get him up and running to be able to be moved onto our site.