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Winter Beanie Give Away
Pauline MMG
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Winter Beanie Give Away

Don’t you think the Northland winter is getting colder, I sure think so. Well actually its been more wet than cold.


Winter is such a drizzly time and no one seems to like doing the big yard, shed clean outs during this time.


While I was out taking my usual drive around One tree point looking at the bustling construction going up around the area, I couldn’t help but notice most of the teams on the construction sites looked very cold. Suddenly it dawned on me, Who likes cleaning up during the frost?


What if I could help make them a little warming during this time.


We have set out an purchased a bulk amount of Winter Beanies to hand deliver to all trade’s that support our waste bin business in the local and surrounding areas.


Once they arrived I took that weekly drive around the construction sites dropping beanies to the boys working, and I tell you what the look on their faces was just priceless.


The simple gesture went along way. Keep a eye out for the Marsden metals winters beanie give away during the Month of July.

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