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Wagner Project
Pauline MMG
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Wagner Project

Our team took on the big job of recycling the Big wagner, for 18 months this big boy had been sitting just outside our yard and on May the 8th the wagner project started, taking a few hours to get him up and running to be able to be moved onto our site.


Once the big boy was in the ideal location to start the process our office team were very excited to see it moved and the journey of the project begin,


8 hours every day for the last 5 weeks the team have been gas cutting Rain hail or shine having to cut it into 1-meter lengths. It has been a rather big journey a exciting one and yet a even bigger accomplishment knowing that all this metal is going to be recycled.


Steven & John faced a few challenging moments for John it was learning to gas cut in a effective manner as this was his first ever time on the gas cutters, an for steven it was dealing with all the punching’s.


It has been rather amazing watching the team recycle this big bad boy.

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